Sandy Feet Plays uke and makes partner for the last 2 Sandblasters
Amazin Walter Really partner at the world championships in 2003
Helena Bangert Super Star in Sand Ice and Snow.....My carving patner in Switzerland and the 2011 World Championships.
Bouke Atema Bouke Atema....he and I got 3rd place at Virginia Beach
Ludo Roders Ludo partner Siesta Key Crystal Classic 2012
Carl Jara Always on the podium partner for the first Sandblasters
Damon Farmer His solo piece at the World Championships in 2011 was my favorite....he didnt win a thing.
Rich Varano The king of sand castles...hands down!
Andy Gertler My working bud on Travel Channel's "Sandmasters". I love the guy, great carver, but really....... you cant take him anywhere!
Matt Long Dont ask him to stand in front of a charging partner at the Crystal Classic in 2010....3rd place.
Chris Guinto Self appointed president of everything....part reptile, part monkey. The funniest person I ever met and fellow Sandmasters carver.
Sue McGrew Wherever I go..she's already there. Fastest carver west and east of the Mississippi. I never knew a Nomad until I met Sue.
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